Enabling Network Bridging for Link-Local (direct) connected FLEX-6000s

If you have your radio connected directly to your computer which has wifi Internet access and want to set up v2.0 you will need to configure pass through Internet access from your Wifi to your PC's Ethernet port. This is actually a fairly simple process. Follow these instructions:

Just follow the below three steps


Step 1: Disconnect the Radio from the PC

Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the PC.

Step 2: Connect with wifi network

Connect your PC with wifi network to the Internet.

Step 3: Create Bridge Connection on the PC

Goto Adapter Settings (Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings)

Select Local Area Connection (Ethernet port the FLEX-6000 is connected to) and Wireless Network Connection and right click and choose "Add to Bridge"





Step 4: Connect Ethernet cable from Radio to PC

Now connect PC and Radio via ethernet cable. 

Step 5: Reboot radio and computer

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