Iintefacting PG XL to a FLEX-3000/5000 with PowerSDR and DDUtil

Content provided by: Dave, WO2X

• Download and install latest version of DDUtil from http://k5fr.com/DDUtilV3wiki/index.php?title=Download

• You will need to set up a pair of virtual serial ports using a program such as VSP Manager or VSPE. As an example, I will use COM 9 and 109 as a virtual serial com port pair. For this tutorial, I will use COM 9 for PowerSDR and COM 109 for DDUtil. Of course, substitute your port choices for these when you create your ports.

• On the SETUP/FEATURES tab of DDUtil, Click Legacy and enter COM 109.


In the PowerSDR console, from the program menu, open the Setup form.

• Select the CAT Control tab.
• In the CAT Control group, from the Port drop-down list box select Com9 from the port pair created above.
• In the CAT Control group, select Enable CAT.



• You will need a physical com port connection from the PC to the amp using a DB-9 female to female null modem cable. Plug the other end of the cable into either Radio A or Radio B CAT connector. For this example, I used Radio B CAT. Make note of the Com port in the PC.

• Plug an RCA male to male cable from TX out on the radio to PTT IN (Radio B PTT IN for this example)

Open the Power Genius XL app and go to settings.

• In the CAT/CI-V tab under Radio 2 (Radio B) select Kenwood, then select Kenwood, 9600 baud, 8N1.




In DDUtil got to Setup/Others tab

• Under Repeater 1 select the physical com port number of the cable from the PC to amp. Set to 9600 baud and click enable


The Power Genius XL app should now show CAT for the port you connected the serial and PTT cables. It should also display the band and current frequency of VFO A.




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