Upgrading a FLEX-5000C to Windows 7

Now that Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP, FLEX-5000C users have inquired about upgrading the PC in their radio to Windows 7 (Win7).  Below is a procedure from Al K0VM that describes the steps necessary to upgrade a FLEX-5000C

1. Back up all important XP files to external media.

2. Download and install lastest BIOS (5.0) for 986LCD-M/mtx motherboard from Kontron web site. http://www.kontron.com

3. In BIOS setup Advanced>CPU Configuration>Intel Speed Step : Select 'Maximum Speed'
Save BIOS changes and exit BIOS setup
Verify that XP still runs with new BIOS.

4. Install Windows 7 Home Premeium - 32bit ( The motherboard/BIOS limits ram to 3.5 GB so there is no advantage to run 64 bit OS. ) Use external USB DVD drive to do the OS install. (Format the hard drive to do a clean install. )

5. Once online, down load and install all required and optional Windows 7 ( 150+ updates).

7. Download and install from Microsoft, free 'Security Essentials' AV software for Windows 7.

8. Download and unzipp '986LCD-M Audio Vista-Win7 R241.zip' from Kontron web site for system sound card driver. Update system sound card driver ( Realtek High Definition Audio ). Other system devices use drivers included in Windows 7.

9. PowerSDR performance will benefit from disabling Windows search indexing ( 'Windows Search' service ). However, on Windows 7, if the 'Windows search' services is disabled then the search search will no longer work. Alternatively, turn off the ability to search file contents but allow search for file name. Do not disable Windows search service but instead,
open windows explorer select drive C: > Properties and uncheck 'Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed...', Apply .. follow additonal prompts ( including Ignore all ) and wait for operation to complete.

10. Install PowerSDR (v 2.7.2 ) -- from Flex Radio Systems 

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