How to Manually Re-Install DAX Drivers

If you are requested by support to reinstall your DAX drivers, please use the procedure below.

This procedure assumes you are running on a 64-bit operating system.  If you are using a 32-bit version of Windows, you will need to change the directory path to replace 64-bit Drivers with 32-bit Drivers.

In the example below SmartSDR is version 1.6.21 is used to re-install 64-bit DAX drivers.  

Make certain you are running this procedure from the latest SmartSDR for Windows application folder installed on your PC.

If your latest version of SmartSDR is, for example, 2.3.9, then replace v1.6.21 with v2.3.9 in the examples below.

  1. Shut down SmartSDR
  2. Close the DAX Control Panel
  3. Close any sound card applications that may be using a DAX sound device
  4. Using the Windows Search, type in CMD.
  5. Right click on cmd.exe and Run as Administrator
  6. Change directory to where the DAX_IQ driver is located: cd \Program Files\FlexRadio Systems\SmartSDR v1.6.21\64-bit Drivers\IQ_DAX 
  7. Run the DAXIQ driver uninstall batch file: SmartSDR_IQ_DAX_uninstall.bat
  8. Run the DAXIQ driver install batch file: SmartSDR_IQ_DAX_install.bat
  9. Change directory to where the RXAudio_DAX driver is located: cd \Program Files\FlexRadio Systems\SmartSDR v1.6.21\64-bit Drivers\RXAudio_DAX 
  10. Run the RXAudio_DAX driver uninstall batch file: SmartSDR_RX_DAX_uninstall.bat
  11. Run the RXAudio_DAX driver install batch file: SmartSDR_RX_DAX_install.bat
  12. Change directory to where the TXAudio_DAX driver is located: cd \Program Files\FlexRadio Systems\SmartSDR v1.6.21\64-bit Drivers\TXAudio_DAX 
  13. Run the TXAudio_DAX driver uninstall batch file: SmartSDR_TX_DAX_uninstall.bat
  14. Run the TXAudio_DAX driver install batch file: SmartSDR_TX_DAX_install.bat
  15. Change directory to where the MICAudio_DAX driver is located: cd \Program Files\FlexRadio Systems\SmartSDR v1.6.21\64-bit Drivers\MICAudio_DAX
  16. Run the MICAudio_DAX driver uninstall batch file: SmartSDR_MICAUDIO_DAX_uninstall.bat
  17. Run the MICAudio_DAX driver install batch file: SmartSDR_MICAUDIO_DAX_install.bat
  18. Close the command window
  19. Reboot the PC
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    Klaus, DK7XL

    Thanks, Tim!


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    Gordon Duff

    I use Windows 10. It may be that the recent upgrade broke something here. I used this process on two PCs and it worked.

    It might make some sense to update the instructions to allow for other versions of SmartSDR, e.g. v1.5.0, or even better yet, provide a bat file that does the whole tedious and error prone thing.

    Gordon, KA2NLm

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