Kuhne Electronics 2m Power Amp for the FLEX-6700

Kuhne Electronics offers a 60W VHF MOSFET 2m Power Amplifier (PA) designed for use with FlexRadio Systems FLEX-6700.

Designed to connect to the XVTR port on the FLEX-6700, the MKU PA 2M-60W HY-2, is a VHF-MOSFET power amplifier covering 144 through 146 MHz capable of 60 Watts of output.  The PA draws a maximum of 12 amps at 13.8 VDC.

The MKU PA 2M-60W HY-2 offers good linearity, built-in low-pass filter for good harmonic rejection, reverse polarity protection, along with monitor outputs for forward and reverse power detection.

Refer to the MKU PA 2M-60W HY-2 Product page for additional details and ordering information

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    Rob McCracken

    Hello Flex Radio Systems

    I have this Kuhne item MKU PA 2M-60W HY-2 and want to use it with my 6700, on TX I know I can drive it from the transverter port directly which is fine, my question is can I use Ant2 or RXa with a another antenna for receive only? TX and receive antennas will be totally independent.

    Have been reading all the manuals and feel I'm suffering from overload right now and this may be a stupid question as I'm still getting to grips with this incredible transceiver and all it's capabilities, well done and looking forward to receiving my Maestro soon.


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