Identifying the Wires Connected to a RJ-45 Connector Terminated Ethernet Cable

A common cable that can be used for creating a connection from the FLEX-3000, FLEX-1500 or Maestro microphone connector to external audio hardware or to a custom microphone connector is the ubiquitous 10 and 100BaseT Ethernet cables. These cables are usually Category 3 or greater twisted pair and well suited for audio applications.

When you cut off then end of one of these cables, you will find four (4) sets of two (2) wires twisted together. Each one of these sets of wires is referred to as a "twisted pair" and they are color coded. Each pair has a solid color wire and a stripped colored wire that is the same as the solid color, but has white on it in a "barber pole" or a stripped line geometry. In an Ethernet cable the 100 ohm balanced twisted pairs will always be:

  • Orange and White/Orange
  • Green and White/Green
  • Blue and White/Blue
  • Brown and White/Brown

To make things good and confusing, the twisted pairs are not connected to pins 1-8 on the RJ-45 connector in sequential order. To add insult to injury, there are two different wiring standards that determine which color of wire is connected to what pin in the RJ-45 connector. These standards are known as the T-568A and T-568B and they define the pin-out, or order of connections, for wires in 8P8C (also referred to as RJ45) eight-pin modular connector.

By far, the most popular wiring configuration is T-568B definition which superseded the T-568A definition. Under most circumstances, this is way the connector is wired and it is usually printed on the jacket of the cable itself to indicate how it is wired.

Below are two diagrams of the two 568 wiring standards.




EIA/TIA 568-A and EIA/TIA 568-B Wiring
Pin Number
T-568A ColorT-568B Color

Pins on plug face

(socket is reversed)

White/Green stripe

White/Orange stripe
Green solid

Orange solid
White/Orange stripe

White/Green stripe
Blue solid

Blue solid
White/Blue stripe

White/Blue stripe
Orange solid

Green solid
White/Brown stripe

White/Brown stripe
Brown solid

Brown solid

Below is the Microphone Pin-outs for the Maestro, FLEX-3000 and FLEX-1500

Maestro /FLEX-3000 / FLEX-1500 Microphone Pinout Configuration
Pin Number Function
1 Not Used - Reserved for future use
2 Not Used - Reserved for future use
3 Vcc (+5 VDC)
4 Microphone Ground (mic -)
5 Microphone In (mic +)
6 PTT (PTT +)
7 PTT Ground (PTT -)
8 Not Used - Reserved for future use
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