Received Microsoft Updates this Morning and Suddenly Lost My PowerSDR Settings

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Saw ur note about root element error and did reset. and it did bring back my Band settings
I still have missing:
Skin I used
All my settings in SDR( Com/mic on etc)
Perhaps this is normal and I have to reinstall all my data.
This seems very distrubing , when a product becomes unstable like this. Can u help me understand why this happens in laymens terms?


It is frustrating to us too when Microsoft "forces" a security update for Windows and it breaks PowerSDR and other things on the PC as well. In layman's terms, Windows is an inherently insecure operating system when connected to the Internet. Hackers world wide try to exploit these vulnerabilities and when they do, Microsoft takes what some consider a "knee jerk" response to mitigate the exploit. In doing so quickly, they do not have the time to do full regression testing, which leads to situations where they break third-party applications, such as in this case.

I suspect that you had PowerSDR running over night when the automatic updates were sent to your computer (the default setting) and the subsequent forced shut down (reboot) resulted in PowerSDR terminating abnormally, which can cause the database to become inconsistent.

While it is not a recommend "best practice" by Microsoft, you can control how these updates are applied to your computer and change from the default or recommended behavior. You can have them downloaded but not installed until you do it manually. This give you better control over your PC so that you can shut down applications normally before a reboot if it is needed.

Here is a URL for making those changes:

From a recovery standpoint, when ever Microsoft does updates, it creates a snapshot of the PC before it makes the changes called a Restore Point. You can try to go back the the Restore Point created just before the updates were installed and that might recover your PC to the point where PowerSDR is working correctly.

Here is a URL for using Restore Points:


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