Root Element Error while starting PowerSDR

"Root Element Error"   reported while starting PowerSDR.  

Solution -  Need to reset the database for that version of PowerSDR.  Reloading PowerSDR will not remove or reset the database,  either remove the file directly or use this procedure.  

Hold the LEFT Shift while double clicking on PowerSDR icon, this should either open the    "Database Reset has been triggered"    message or open the "Radio Chooser" menu.   At the Radio Chooser,  again hold the Left Shift key and double click "Use"  by your radio serial number and then the  "Database Reset has been triggered"  message will appear.      Now select   "Yes"    ..     This will copy your current database for safe keeping on your desktop,  you will then have to re-open PowerSDR,  where it will re-read the EEPROM data and create a new database.  


If this does not work, then download the PowerSDR Master File Reset utility ( 

Run the  PowerSDR Master File Reset utility from your PC and then restart PowerSDR

If you still have trouble,  please open a Help Desk ticket and we can assist. 

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