External GPS Antennas

An external GPS antenna can be used with the FLEX-6000 GPSDO module.  To replace the supplied internal GPS antenna it will need to be a medium gain (26 dB or higher) active GPS antenna. Most GPS antennas require 3.3 to 5 volts of DC power on the coax to power the antenna preamp and the FLEX-6000 GPSDO provides this voltage.

Then GPS antenna connector on the FLEX-6000 is an SMA type connector.

Make sure to install the external antenna as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

Below are examples of external GPS antennas used successfully with the FLEX-6000 GPSDO module.

  • Tram 1655 8' Marine GPS Antenna
  • PCTEL 3978D-DH (high gain for long cable runs)
  • Motorola ANTA1 (GCNAC1232A)
  • Lucent KS24019 L112A Amplified GPS Antenna
  • GlobalSat AT-65SMA
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    Gregory Zenger (N2GZ)

    I have been successfully using a surplus HP 58532A GPS L1 Antenna for several years now.

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