Are there any video cards that do not work well with SmartSDR for Windows?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.  Fortunately the number of them is very small.  Below is a list of the card(s) that have been shown not to work well with SmartSDR for Windows even after loading the latest drivers.


AMD R7 260x - this card has an extensive history for failing while running intensive 2D graphics.  The failure mode is one where the PC just locks up called the "R7 Black Screen of Death!".  What appears to be happening is that Windows improperly interprets that the R7 260 video cars has stopped responding when it has not and it does a video card reset.  The reset is what causes the crash.  There are some reports of changing a value in the Registry to increase the TdrDelay value, but our testing has shown this does not work.  The only known fix is to replace the video card with something other than the AMD R7 260.  Reports of using Radeon HD video cards has resolved all issues with running SmartSDR for Windows.

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    Dale Hankins (KB5VE)

    Tim as you know I had these issues over 4 months ago and we tried to fix to no avail. So glad the recommendation to avoid has been posted!

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    William (Bill) Heinzinger - (W9OL)

    I just read this and we need more of these type of questions and answers.

    Big ataboy to both Tim and Dale, for the question and the answer.

    good job guys...


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