MIC connector separation from PCB

Originally from ticket #348.

It seems that during the short time I have had my 3K and trying different microphones I have managed to cause the soldered pins of the RJ45 connector to disconnect from the PCB. In hindsight I believe it might have been my fault to some extent. I have the experience and tools to correct this issue which I have. During the repair I expected to see a mechanical attachment of this connector to the PCB. In the pass the attachment I have seen is plastic pegs with barbs or solderable tabs both using thru-holes on the PCB.

For the future to reduce this from happening again I placed the unit on .5 inch risers at each corner to give me clearance between the top of the table and the bottom of the microphone connector to make it easier to pinch and release the tab on the connector. It is likely that before this I placed pressure on the connector that did more to stress the solder contacts than release the tab.

Excellent radio and I have been very happy with its performance. Like others have said, “Once you use a radio with a Panadaptor display you don’t go back to conventional radios.”

Mike Crain, KE5MC

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