Amplifier Options for the FLEX-1500

Here are a few options for external RF amplifiers for use with the FLEX-1500.

Interfacing a FLEX-1500 to an amplifier is pretty quick work. There is a PTT OUT line on the DB-9 connector on the radio that connects to the amp PTT switch.

RM Italy 250W - $650.00
Pros: 250W out, Great Value
Cons: Not FCC certified, No 6m.

Tentec 418 Amplifier - $785.00
Pros: FCC, HF/6M, 100W, solid company
Cons: None really.

Elecraft KXPA-100 - $750/$1120
Pros: FCC Certified, 100W, HF/6m, EXCELLENT company, Available Antenna Tuner
Cons: A little Spendy when you add the ATU

HF Projects HF Packer - $281
Pros: Low cost, optional high pass filter toroid set
Cons: This amp is a kit, 35W output, no 6m

HF Projects SuperPacker Pro V2 - $549
Pros: High quality kit
Cons: This amp is a kit, 100W output, no 6m

HardRock-50 - $299
Pros: Supports PowerSDR band select, high quality kit, through hole assembly
Cons: This amp is a kit, 50W output

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    Hans-Peter Fricke

    The RM Italy HLA 300 plus works well, unfortunately without 50 Mhz.

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    pat Quilici

    Bonjour HANS

    and it is far from output 300 Watts with 5 watts entry

    73's F1HMR


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