Optimal Win7 "High Performance" Power Options for PowerSDR and SmartSDR

The Windows operating system has a feature that allows it to shut down PC hardware after a period of time of perceived inactivity.  If your radio is running and Windows shuts down either the Ethernet interface, Firewire interface, the USB interface or goes into a sleep or hibernation mode due to the currently configured Power Option mode, then the real time constant communication between the radio will stop and your radio will "freeze" requiring you to shutdown SmartSDR/PowerSDR and possibly may need to power cycle the radio to get it working again.

You can overcome this situation by changing the default Power Plan of Balanced to High Performance and turn off Hibernation  

This is a strongly recommended change for any PC running PowerSDR.

Use this procedure to disable Hibernate

1.) Press the Windows + R keys.

2.) Type cmd to bring up a Command window.

3.) type powercfg.exe /hibernate off 
(note - this removes hibernate / hybrid sleep options from the Power Plan settings. It also deletes hiberfil.sys.)
(NOTE - This is a global setting that disables hibernate for ALL power plans. It should not be used on a laptop.)

Use the following procedure to change your Power Plan to High Performance.

1.) Press the Windows + R keys 

2.) Type powercfg.cpl (this is Control Panel/Power Options)

3.) In the Select a power plan window, choose the High Performance power plan

4.) Click on Change plan settings beside the High Performance plan

5.) Change all options to Off or Never

6.) Click on the Change advanced power settings option

7.) Click on the [+] next to USB settings to expand the options

8.) Click on the [+] next to USB selective suspend setting to expand the option

9.) If the Setting is not set to DISABLE, click on Enable to get the drop down box and set it to Disabled.

10.) Click on the [+] next to PCI Express to expand the options

11.) Click on the [+] next to Link State Power Management to expand the option

12.)  If the Setting is not set to OFF, click on the current setting to get the drop down box and set it to OFF.

13.) Click on the OK button to save the changes.

14.) Click on the Save changes button

15.) Close the Power Options screen.

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