SmartSDR - Ham Radio Deluxe - DM780 HowTo Setup Guide

Content provided by:  Chris, K6OZY. Updated by Joe, NC8D

This guide is to show how to configure SmartSDR and HRD v6.2 for use with DAX.  

I will demonstrate transmitting on 20M PSK31 using Slice A with a single Pan Adapter.   Please also make sure you have installed SmartCAT, and it is running.

SmartSDR for Windows Setup

1) Open SmartSDR and connect to your radio.
2) Tune Slice A to 14.070.
3) Set the mode to DIGU, Filter to 3K or 5K.
4) Make sure the TX button is RED
5) Your setup should look like the graphic below


DAX Setup 
1) Click the DAX tab in the slice and set the channel to 1.
2) Make sure the DAX button is clicked in the P/CW tab on the right.
3) Your setup should look like the graphic below.

4) Open DAX Control Panel and click the "1" RX Streams Slice “A” button and verify it turns blue in color.
5) You should see the red volume bar move due to incoming audio from SmartSDR.


SmartSDR CAT Setup
1) Switch to SmartCAT and you will need to add another COM port for PTT trigger. (I find that DM780 responds faster using a direct PTT connection to the radio rather than sending PTT via HRD.) In this example, COM4 is for CAT, and COM5 is for PTT.
2) Click "Add a Port", change the Port Protocol Type to PTT from the dropdown list, and check "RTS" and "DTR", both will turn BLUE in the VFO “A” Slice selection. Your setup should look like the graphic below

3) Click "Accept".
4) Verify a new Client COM was created. It should have incremented to COM5, if not, then remember the COM port that was created, you’ll need that in the HRD setup.


HRD Setup
1) Open Ham Radio Deluxe and click on File then choose Connect
2) Click on NEW Tab
3) Company: FlexRadio
4) Radio: SMART SDR
5) COM Port: COM4
6) Speed: Doesn’t matter
7) Click Connect. HRD should launch. Minimize this application, as we are only using it as a connection path from DM780 to SmartSDR.


5) Launch DM780 and go to Program Options -> SoundCard. Select "DAX Audio RX 1" for Input, and "DAX Audio TX 1" for Output.

6) Go to Program Options -> PTT. Select COM5 and make sure "Set DTR / Set RTS" is checked as well. Close the options.


7) Digital Master 780 should be configured to work with SmartSDR at this time. You should see a waterfall moving in DM780. Tune up, set your TX power to an appropriate level. In DM780, set your mode to PSK31. I enabled "Show TX in Waterfall" under SmartSDR options because I love the way it looks. This is a personal preference.


 Click on an unused area on the waterfall, type in some text, and click "Auto F2". You should see output similar to below. You will not hear your own audio. DAX Monitor is a feature coming soon.



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  • 0
    Rick Wade (KD0CNC)

    can not find dax for flex 3000


  • 0
    Tim Ellison

    The FLEX-3000 does not run SmartSDR or use DAX.  Only the FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDRs.

  • 0
    Stewart Howarth (GM0GTU)

    Does this also work with the free version of HRD?

  • 0
    Tim Ellison

    This procedure has not be validated with the free version of HRD.  Try it and see if it works.

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