Tips for getting the best audio from the FHM-1

The FHM-1 is a communications grade microphone and will never sound as good as a quality studio microphone, but compared to many hand mikes you can achieve fairly good fidelity by using the tips below. 

1) Make sure the Tone switch is in the "wide" response position.  The FHM-1 microphone has a small slider switch on the back to select either a narrow or wide frequency response.  For the best results, place the Tone switch in the #1 position or to the left.

2) Use the TX EQ to balance the audio response to your voice. For the male voice, cutting bass and boosting treble may be necessary necessary. The default FHM-1 TX profile is a good starting point for most people.  You can use the zoomed pan adapter to visualize the pattern as you make adjustments. Listen to your transmitted audio in a second receiver with the same filter bandwidth or wider than the bandwidth you are transmitting to get the best representation of your audio.

3) Always use COMP audio processing.  The voice processor (COMP) will increase average talk power with minimal distortion. It is recommended that you use the Normal or DX position.

4) Cross talk the FHM-1.  It is best to talk across the face of the microphone at a distance of about 2 inches rather than directly into it.  This is to minimize breath noise and sibilance. 

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