Setting up an Elecraft XV144 with a FLEX-6300 (Common IF)

Content provided by Tom, W4TMW

The information provided below can be used to Interface an Elecraft XV144 transverter to a FLEX-6300

Hardware Interface

IF connections

The FLEX-6300 can only be connected in a simplex or common IF configuration, where the FLEX-6300 XVTR connector is used for both RX and TX and is connected to the XV144 TXin (IF1).

PTT Connection

Connect the TX Relay (TX) to the XV144 Key In connector with a standard RCA mono audio cable.


SmartSDR Transverter Form Configuration

Here are the SmartSDR Transverter form setting to create the 144 band to interface a FLEX-6300 (common IF) with a Elecraft XV144 transverter.

RF Freq. : 144.000
IF Freq. : 28.000
LO Freq. : 116.000
LO Error : -3000 ( yours might vary)
RX Only: Disabled
Max Power (dBm): 0.1
RX Gain dB: 0.0


Elecraft XV144 Settings

Inside the XV144 you need to be sure your settings are as follows:

Step #1 - Jumper settings

JP-1... 2-3
On the front panel of the xvtr - JP-1... Short

Step#2 - Dip Switches
sw-3 ...set all positions to OFF


Step #3 - Adjust for XV144 output power
Adjust R22 described below

With your XV144 interfaced to the FLEX-6300 and connected to a dummy load, key the Flex with power set to some mid level (mine is set to 70), then while watching the LEDs on the XV144. adjust R22 until the yellow LED just comes on.

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