Configuring N1MM to use MMTTY with a FLEX-6000

Content provided by Eduardo, KC8R

I have a FLEX-6300 running SmartSDR for Windows and have been using 2Tone as the MMTTY replacement with N1MM, but I am guessing the configuration is the same. Below is what I have as my setup:

  1. Create an additional PTT serial port on SmartSDR CAT; select PTT as the port type and the pin change type (I have mine set as RTS), ex.: COM5
  2. On N1MM go to Config menu, then select "Configure Ports," 
  3. On the Hardware tab select the port for the radio then select the radio type
  4. On the Hardware tab select a second port that you created for PTT (ex.: COM5), check the box CW/Other, then click on Set. Configure the RTS pin as the PTT, you can fill in the other details as needed. 
  5. Go to the Digital Modes tab and configure the settings as needed. If you are using DAX select the appropriate DAX digital interface associated with Slice A as Soundcard.
  6. Once you have all your configuration complete, click Save Settings to exit the configuration.
  7. On N1MM go to the Window menu and select "Digital Interface" to open the Decoding window. 
  8. Once the Digital Interface window opens, go to the Interface menu and select MMTTY. This should open the MMTTY window.
  9. On the Digital Interface window again, go to the Setup menu and select Settings. This will open the settings screen. Make adjustments as necessary. 
  10. On the MMTTY window go to the settings and select the DAX channels that you are using to receive and transmit. 
  11. The most challenging piece I have found was to adjust the filter on the slice to match the tones on the MMTTY. I have been using DIGL as the mode and the filter centered at 2200 Hz, with the low end at 2000 Hz and high at 2400. Then I set the MMTTY alignment frequency (on the settings described on step 9) to the center of the slice, 2200 in this case. This makes the frequency match the spots.
  12. Open the DAX Control Panel and set the DAX RX at 70. Set the DAX TX so it does not overdrive the TX level (not letting it go into red), this is about 55 for me. Also, make sure that you turn the processor and any compression OFF.



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    Kent Olsen (N6WT)

    Should there be an update to this article since SSDR now has RTTY mode?

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    Fred Hoffert (NA2U)

    I would ask the same question as Kent above.

    I have followed all of these instructions yet I cannot transmit. I'm using the 6300. When I hit transmit the green light on the 6300 turns to red, the digital interface in N1MM+ transmit button turns red, the audio to the headphones goes mute, yet I get no RF output. Need help so I can enter WAE RTTY this weekend. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Ron Novak (N4VZ)

    Although this post is several months old, I want to answer Fred's problem for future users since I had the same issue and spent a few hours tracking it down.  When operating  PSK, RTTY etc the missing step (or at least not clear to me in various instructions) is to enable DAX in the P/CW block and make sure DAX shows the TX Stream is streaming (if TX button is grey press it and it should turn blue).  Otherwise kudos to the community as I had everything from DXLabs, N1MM+, CW Skimmer etc. up and running in 20 minutes as opposed to several days with my SDR-1000.

    Ron - N4VZ

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