How to Disable Power Management for USB connected Devices

By default, Windows enables the power saving feature all USB ports known as USB Selective Suspend.  This feature is supposed to save power by shutting down USB ports that are only used intermittently.

However, sometimes the USB port does not get turned back on when it is needed or is inadvertently turned off.

For USB devices such as the FLEX-1500 and the FlexControl, powering down the USB port causes the devices to disconnect and possibly not reconnect properly, resulting in errors or an inoperable device.

You can prevent this situation from happening by disabling the USB Selective Suspend feature globally on your PC using the procedure below.


Click the Start button and type "edit power plan" in the Windows Search box.

Click Change advanced power settings then scroll down to USB settings and click the little plus next to USB selective suspend setting to expand the options.

Set both the On battery and Plugged in settings to Disabled then click OK to apply changes.

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