Interfacing a FLEX-6000 to an Ameritron AL-80B Amplifier using an ARB-704

Content provided by: Larry, W8LLL

Connecting an Ameritron AL-80B Amplifier to any FLEX-6000 using an ARB-704 is a very straightforward proposition.

1.) Connect an RCA mono cable from TX1, TX2 or TX3 on back of FLEX-6000 (A FLEX-6500 is shown below in Image 1) to the RADIO jack on ARB-704 (Shown below in Image 2)

Image 1


Image 2


2.) Connect another RCA mono cable from the AMP jack on the ARB-704 to the RLY jack on the back of the AL-80B.

3.) Then in the SmartSDR Radio Setup Transmit tab make sure you enable the correct TX relay with an appropriate delay setting in milliseconds (A 0 ms setting is shown below).

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