Manually Re-charging the Maestro "A" Internal Battery

If the internal display battery in the original Maestro, (also referred to as the "A" model) discharges to a very low level, the charging circuitry in the Maestro is not able to "wake it up" so that it will initiate a charge cycle.  In cases like this, the MAestro much be recharged using a manual process.

There are two options when the Maestro "A" fully discharges; return it to FlexRadio for service or do the recharge procedure yourself.  The link below will provide the necessary step-by-step procedure for charging the internal battery for a Maestro version “A” control console.

For identification purposes, the original Maestro or Maestro “A” are models with serial numbers in the form xxxx-xxxx-0100-xxxx and have the power button located at the top right-hand side of the case.

If the original Maestro (referred to as Maestro A) is not used for 6-8 weeks, the internal display battery can discharge to such a low level that when power is connected to the Maestro, the display cannot initialize the charging circuitry to recharge the internal battery. In this state, the Maestro is no longer operational. This procedure describes how to recharge the Maestro Internal battery to make the Maestro operational again.

Please Note that if you do not feel comfortable performing this procedure, you can open a HelpDesk ticket in order to receive an RMA to have FlexRadio Service perform the battery recharging for a nominal fee ($69 for out of warranty products).

Download: Maestro “A” Internal Battery Charging Procedure


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