Configuring a FLEX-6000 for FT8 on a Mac with dogparkSDR, MacLogger and WSJT-X

Content provided by:  Keith Mitchell, WA5VTT

I have a FLEX-6400, and while I have it running on a Windows NUC, I prefer to operate from my Mac.

After digging through countless, mostly out of date postings I finally found a suite of software and preference settings and have an FT8 system running and fun to use:

  • DogparkSDR
  • WSJT-X
  • JT-Bridge
  • MacLoggerDX
  • Gridtracker
  • Looopback (for internal audio routing)

A lot of what I wound up with was by trial and error rather than understanding, so if there is something wrong, get me details and I"ll make corrections to the video and PDF.

Here is an FT8 setup video showing my Mac system in operation

And a showing the preferences for each app: 

Please note that this setup requires the use of software that must be purchased - DogparkSDR, MacloggerDX, and Loopback.

There may be a different or better way to set up a Mac-centric FT8 configuration, but this setup is working nicely, however, a lot of my conclusions were reached by trial and error.

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