How to Repair the FlexVSP Virtual Serial Port Driver

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Under certain circumstance, the virtual serial port driver used with SmartSDR CAT may become inoperable, especially after an operating system upgrade.  If this occurs, then performing an in-place repair of FlexVSP may resolve the issue.

Use the procedure below:

For more recent versions of SmartSDR follow this procedure.  If the FlexVSP Installer file cannot be located, use the alternate procedure below.

  1. Shut down SmartSDR CAT and SmartSDR (for that matter, close app open programs)
  2. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to where the installer is located
  3. The path is \Program Files\FlexRadio Systems\FlexVSP
  4. In that folder is the file: FlexVSPInstaller_xx.msi
    (where "xx" is 32 or 64 depending if your operating systems is a 32 or 64 bit.)
  5. Right click on it to get the context menu
  6. Select the Repair option
  7. Answer YES to any prompt and then wait while the repair executes. It may take a little while.
  8. When prompted to reboot your PC, select YES and reboot.

Alternate procedure for older version of SmartSDR

1.) Using the Windows Control Panel or searching on "Change or Remove a Program" open the Control Panel Change or Remove a Program applet.

2.) Locate the FlexRadio Systems FlexVSP application (note your version number may be different)

3.) Right click on it and select Repair.  NOTE: Do not select Uninstall.

4.) If you receive a dialog box asking for permission for the repair of FlexVSP to make changes to your computer, click on YES.

The following screen will appear when the FlexVSP driver is being repaired

5.) Reboot your PC.

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    Joe Ferrara N7IV

    This solved my problem after an Evil Bill update trashed the FlexVSP  files. Thanks!!

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