Resolving the "single red blink" Fan Error on Start Up

The FLEX-6000 has the ability to detect a variety of faults that could potentially harm the radio and one of these is detecting if the cooling fan is working properly.  When booting up your radio, if the cooling fan is not spinning fast enough to provide adequate airflow to cool the PA, CPU, FPGA, and SCU(s), the PSoC will report the error which results in the radio firmware shutting down and the power button blinking red once and then repeating.

This fault can be a problem with the fan itself or the fan controller.  However, there is a particular condition that may result in a false positive error indication.

If the radio experiences a momentary loss of DC power for less than 30 seconds and then power is reapplied to the radio, this results in a partial reset of the radio's internal processors leading to a condition where the fan controller is not providing adequate voltage to the fan.

If you experience a fan error on startup, the first thing you want to do is a "cold boot" of the radio to reset all of the radio's processors.

The following procedure will "cold boot" the radio:

  • Power off the radio by pressing and releasing the power button. Allow it to completely power down before continuing by waiting for the power LED to turn off (or amber if a GPSDO is installed). If pressing and releasing the power button does not shut down the radio, press and hold the power button until the radio shuts down.
  • Once the radio is powered off, wait for 2 minutes to allow for all processors to properly shut down.
  • Remove the power cable from the radio for at least 30 seconds and then reconnect it.  It is important to remove the power cable from the radio and not just turn off the power supply. 
  • After reconnecting the DC power cable, wait for 2 minutes to allow for the internal PSoC processor to boot up completely before continuing.
  • Press the power button to restart the radio.

If you continue to receive a fan error after running the cold boot procedure, please open a HelpDesk support ticket so that one of our support engineers can triage the issue.

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