Windows Reports FlexRadio Drivers as Digitally Unsigned

Microsoft requires that kernel-mode drivers, such as the ones that are used for the FlexControl and FLEX-1500.  

FlexRadio Systems digitally signs all of our kernel mode drivers and executables with a valid security certificate before they are released to comply with the Windows signing requirement.

Some versions of Windows, especially Windows 10 may erroneously report that a driver cannot be installed because it is not digitally signed.  We have seen issues of this nature with certain PCs and tablet hardware, such as with Asus and HP tablets.

In certain cases, there is a protection feature called Safe Boot that is enabled in the BIOS by default. This feature prevents the installation of some digitally signed USB drivers. 

Disabling the Safe Boot feature in the BIOS may allow for the installation of any FlexRadio digitally signed kernel mode driver.

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