Retrieving the Radio Information from a FLEX-6000

There will be times where knowing the radio information will be required, usually during troubleshooting issues.  Retrieving the Radio Status is a very simple process.  Please follow the procedure below for capturing the radio information and pasting it into an email reply or text file.

1.) Start SmartSDR for Windows.  If the autostart process automatically starts SmartSDR where the panadapters are shown, you will need to disconnect so that the radio so the Radio Chooser is visible.

To do this, from the SmartSDR for Windows Menu Bar, select Settings -> Choose Radio / SmartLink Setup...

A dialog box will be shown that asks "Are you sure you want to disconnect the current radio session?"  Click on YES to continue.  The Radio Chooser windows will be displayed as shown below.


2.) At the Radio Chooser, place your mouse cursor over the radio.  The Radio Status window will appear as shown below.


3.) To copy this information so it can be included in a HelpDesk ticket email reply, place your mouse cursor over the radio in the radio in the Radio Chooser and click the RIGHT mouse button.  This will show the context menu for the radio which will allow you to copy the contents of the Radio Status to the Windows clipboard so you can paste it in an email or text file.  This context menu is shown below.


4.) Click the LEFT mouse button on the context menu item "Copy radio info to clipboard".

5.) To paste the recently copied radio information into an email, click the RIGHT mouse button in the body of the email reply or into an open text file.  A context menu will be displayed where one of the options is PASTE.  Click the LEFT mouse button on the PASTE and the radio information text should appear in the document.

Ann example of it is shown below.

Serial: 1515-4202-6700-5684, Max Licensed Version: v3, Radio ID: 00-1C-2D-02-08-60, Radio IP:, Radio Internet: Available, Radio Firmware: v3.1.8.145

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