Centering the Display on a FLEX-1500

Due to the 48 kHz sampling rate of the FLEX-1500 and the default 9 kHz DDS IF, the main receiver passband can be offset to the right side of the Panadapter.  To move the main receiver passband closer to the center of the Panadapter, do the following procedure:

Step 1. On the PowerSDR console, turn Spur Reduction (SR) off.

Step 2. Open the Setup form from the PowerSDR menu bar.  Click on the General -> Hardware Config tab.

Step 3. Check  the DDS Expert check box.  When the caution dialog box appears, click on Yes to enter Expert Mode.

Step 4. Change the DDS IF (Hz) from 9000 to 3800.  Do not change the DDS offset as this will change the frequency calibration of the radio.

Step 5. Click on the OK button at the bottom of the Setup form



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